• Glossary

This is a Glossary of Chemical Industrial Plant Design terms, with definitions relating to both the Project Phases and the Project Management Activities accompanying the various project development stages: from the Concept Phase to Start-up.

The Glossary was edited by Giorgio Zerboni.

Basic Design

Basic Design is the phase in which a set of [...]

Bid Inquiry Package

A set of documents – including Instruction to Bidders, Draft [...]

Bidding Phase

A phase in the Project implementation cycle starting with the [...]

Cold Testing

Cold Testing is any type of test performed with or [...]


Commissioning is the last phase of the Plant preparation activities, [...]

Conceptual Design

Conceptual Design is the phase aimed at identifying and supporting [...]


Construction is the phase of the implementation of  a Project, [...]

Contract Milestone

In project management, a milestone is a high-level scheduled event [...]

Contract Type

The form of contract that may be agreed to between [...]

Critical Path

A sequence of Project activities corresponding to the minimum possible [...]