• Glossary

Performance Tests

Tests performed on (whole or partial) completion of the Plant [...]


Pre-Commissioning comprises the Plant preparation activities prior to start-up, such [...]

Preliminary Cost Estimate

The Cost Estimate (typical accuracy: ± 30%), prepared during the [...]

Process Design

The first Project implementation phase, the purpose of which is [...]


Procurement is the Project implementation phase for selecting, purchasing, inspecting, [...]


An economic and financial analysis performed for the purpose of [...]

Project Control

Activities for keeping key Project elements under control, during the [...]

Project Cost Estimate

There are two different levels of “Cost Estimate” activity, in [...]

Project Management Consulting

The services provided by a Consultant throughout the Plant investment [...]

Project Management

Coordination activities aimed at directing and controlling the development of [...]

Project Phases Breakdown

Project Schedule

A detailed overall program of Project activities, setting out the [...]