• Glossary

This is a Glossary of Chemical Industrial Plant Design terms, with definitions relating to both the Project Phases and the Project Management Activities accompanying the various project development stages: from the Concept Phase to Start-up.

The Glossary was edited by Giorgio Zerboni.

Decommissioning and Site Reclaiming

A set of activities for cleaning up any equipment or [...]

Detailed Cost Estimate

The Cost Estimate (typical accuracy: ± 10%), usually prepared on [...]

Detailed Engineering

The Detailed Engineering phase is the Project implementation phase in [...]


The manufacturing, by the vendor, of any equipment or material [...]

Feasibility Study

The Feasibility Study is a tool decision makers can use [...]

Front End Engineering Design

An intermediate phase in the project implementation process, consisting in [...]


Pressure tests, usually carried out using water, meant to ensure [...]

Inspection and Testing

Activities conducted for the purpose of ensuring conformity to Project [...]

Maintenance Management

Activities aimed at optimizing all aspects of maintenance, including ordinary [...]

Mechanical Completion

Mechanical Completion is a typical milestone of the construction phase [...]