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ATM Engineering S.r.l. has decided to freely share some of the content it and other professionals have developed, in particular, certain technical glossaries and professional experiences collected in various articles protected under a “(CC) Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 Italy” license, in the website area called “PAKE: Process&Automation Knowledge Engine”. In this area it will be possible to collect and make available, with the relevant attributions, other public domain information, or information the circulation of which has been authorised by the rights-owning organisations or individuals, or, lastly, which are available under a Common Creative License.
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Our aim is to promote the sharing of some technical contents, within the professional community, not for making a direct profit but with the goal of extending our common professional network and taking a more proactive part in the development of a common technical knowledge. The PAKE area site, and related Common Creative License, is limited within the area identified by the Internet address (URL) and in all the pages featuring the CCsmall mark. All the other areas are excluded and are subject to © Copyright – ATM Engineering S.r.l. – All rights reserved .
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If you are a technical professional working in a university or in an industry sector (vendors, manufacturers, final customers, standard setting organizations), and think you have an interesting experience in the fields listed in the KE-table [Industrial Processes (especially chemical processes), Automation, Instrumentation, Telecommunications, Project Management], which you would like to share within our “PAKE”, feel free to contact us and offer us your article by emailing at Don’t forget to attach a profile. Publication is exclusively at our discretion.

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