Instrumentation, Automation and Telecommunication for Industrial Plants. Innovation. Integration. Interaction.



Thanks to its industry-specific all-round competence in the fields of Automation, Instrumentation and Telecommunications, ATM is present in a range of industrial Sectors, especially the Industrial Chemistry sector for expertise and know how, e.g.: Oil&Gas, Petrochemicals, Fine Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Energy Production. ATM is able to provide an array of different services suited for each Project phase, from Engineering Consulting to Design, from Procurement support to Construction and Start-up supervision.


new_home_05Automation, Instrumentation and Telecommunications are the disciplines that form the core business of ATM. These three disciplines are winning factors for improving the safety, productivity output and reliability of a process system and for the constant monitoring of quality. ATM offers solutions based on state-of-the-art platforms, grounded on shared and integrated engineering visions, with the aim of combining cost-effectiveness and added value.


new_home_07ATM provides a comprehensive range of Services, covering all aspects of Automation, Instrumentation and Telecommunications for Industrial Facilities and targeting both the Construction of New Process Plants (Grass Roots) and the Upgrading of Existing Plants (Revamping). ATM operates according to the most common Contract Types, e.g.: Reimbursable, Lump Sum of Services, Target Price, etc., based on our Customers’ needs and the Project specifications.