ATM delivers a broad array of Services covering all aspects of Automation, Instrumentation and Telecommunications, for either New Process Plants (Grass-Roots) or the Upgrading of Existing Plants (Revamping).

Following is a brief description of several typical services. You may find a description of a typical Revamping Project, and its peculiarities, at the end of the list of available services.

ATM operates according to the most common Contract types (e.g.: Reimbursable, Lump Sum of Services, Target Price, etc.), according to the Customers’ needs and the Project characteristics.


Consulting is a service typically provided by Engineering Firms to support a Customer’s requirements, with respect to the various phases and disciplines related to the development of a Project. In order for them to be effective, consulting services must not only be accurate and based on specific expertise, they must also be timely and tailored to the Customer’s needs.

Design & Engineering

Design and Engineering activities may take on different features and characteristics, according to the type and definition of the Project, but one mustn’t forget that, in any case, the final target is to enable the site organization not just to procure the necessary equipment and materials, but also to carry out the construction, commissioning and start-up work smoothly and safely.
A brief description of the various possible different aspects of design and engineering activities is given below.


Thanks to our vast experience in this field, ATM can provide complete Procurement support services for all Automation, Instrumentation and Telecommunications  equipment and materials, ranging from the preparation and management of Invitations to Tender, to tender alignment, the issuing of technical and commercial recommendations and Purchase Orders (on the Customer’s behalf) and technical follow-up activities.

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System Integration generally involves placing a number of components under a single control system, in order to improve safety, timeliness of control and operation.
A description of typical integration systems in the fields of Automation and Instrumentation  is provided below.

Construction & Start-up

Construction and Start-up are the final phases of the implementation of a Project. During construction all the works planned during the engineering phase are carried out and all equipment and materials are installed and prepared for the operation of the Plant. Start-Up is the activity to be carried out in order to obtain the required product for the first time, from the “oil-in”  up to performance test. Start up mainly includes introduction of feedstock, reaching the operating conditions, reaching of product specifications, reaching of Plant design capacity, Plant alignment and performance tests.

Revamping Projects

Revamping is a special type of Project aimed at modifying an existing Plant, to improve product features, increase overall Plant capacity, usually by replacing any equipment that limits the flow rates (debottlenecking), comply with new environmental regulations, etc.

ATM has a solid and industry-specific experience in revamping Projects, designed to upgrade existing Instrumentation, Automation and Telecom systems.

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