Consulting is a service typically provided by Engineering Firms to support a Customer’s requirements, with respect to the various phases and disciplines related to the development of a Project. In order for them to be effective, consulting services must not only be accurate and based on specific expertise, they must also be timely and tailored to the Customer’s needs.

Conceptual Design

The Conceptual Design Phase is aimed at identifying and supporting a business opportunity.

For any type of Process Plant, Conceptual Design comprises the Identification of the project, Site and Process Licensees and the selection of any viable alternatives.

During this phase, ATM’s experience and background is useful in assisting the Customer to:
- define its Automation and Telecom strategies and Preliminary Control System Architecture;
- select the most suitable and updated technologies.

For operating Plants, ATM, based on a Site survey and appraisal of the status of the existing Instrumentation and Automation Systems, can assess the expediency and feasibility of replacing or upgrading them.

Feasibility Study

The Feasibility Study is a tool decision makers can use to determine whether and how to undertake a certain investment.

Feasibility Studies must be based on Conceptual Design decisions, i.e. the definition of the main technical and commercial aspects of a project, with any alternative solutions reduced to a minimum.

A Feasibility Study includes a number of steps, such as a technical analysis, market analysis, project Cost Estimate, analysis of financial resources and Profitability evaluation.

ATM has the suitable experience to assist its Customers to:
- identify the optimum solutions for all automation and telecom aspects;
- perform any relevant technical and economical analyses;
- identify a possible overall Control System Architecture;
- minimize project risks and uncertainties;
- perform the cost estimate for Automation and Telecommunications, at the Preliminary Cost Estimate level (accuracy: +/-30%).

Technical Consulting

During the development of a Project, or the operation of a Plant, the Customer may need assistance to solve technical problems of any kind.

In the case of Automation, Telecom and Instrumentation in general, the problems may concern the technology, the choice of materials or equipment, troubleshooting, data reconciliation, etc.

ATM has the resources, the technical background and the experience to take prompt action and meet the Customer’s needs.

Project Management Consulting

Project Management Consulting comprises the services provided by Consultants, throughout a Plant’s investment life cycle, and aimed at assisting Customers in maximizing plant productivity and business profitability.

ATM operates as a Project Management Consultant in the fields of Automation - Telecom - Instrumentation to:
- identify and meet a Customer’s business needs, by cooperating with the Customer in the selection of the most suitable and up-to-date technology;
- offer solutions based on technological platforms relating to the state-of-the-art systems resulting from a shared vision and the integration with all engineering activities;
- provide the Customer with competitively priced value-added professional services.