ATM, by joining forces with qualified Analyzer System suppliers and merging our plant engineering expertise with their qualified products and industry know how, can supply added value services and solutions comprising:
– an all-round Analytical Measurement solution, engineered from process start to process results, including the shelters and the installation, preliminary start-up and commissioning services;
– coordinated detailed project planning for the fast, smooth and highly efficient implementations of the analytical projects.

At ATM, we can take responsibility for all (or several) steps, comprising:
– estimates;
– base (Plant and System) engineering through to manufacturing;
– supply of all types of Process Analyzers, sampling systems, shelters, third-party equipment, data presentation;
– acceptance testing;
– field Start-Up and support;
– field integration with the plant operations and maintenance programs.

This approach can significantly reduce the Customer’s coordination efforts, ensuring the quick, streamlined and successful implementation of the analytical integration Project.