ATM’s Quality Certification has been applied for and received based on its “Customer Oriented” and “Project Management Centred” approach, and is viewed as a commitment to delivering high-quality services, achieving Customer satisfaction and encouraging ongoing improvement.

The Quality Management System (QMS) Certificate achieved certifies that ATM’s QMS conforms to the QMSs standard ISO 9001: 2008. This certificate is valid for the following products or services for industrial plants and infrastructural facilities: Design, Procurement and Inspection services of Instrumentation, Automation and Telecommunications.


For its certification, ATM has applied to DNV (Det Norske Veritas) due to this body’s extensive experience, knowledge of quality management systems in the same ATM business area, and the high professional level of his personnel, which have the right qualifications to provide the Company with further opportunities for development. Moreover, ATM also shares with DNV its objectives of safeguarding life, property and environment.


ATM on ACCREDIA - Italian National Accreditation Body in compliance with the international standards of the series ISO 17000

DNV Quality Management System Certificate


Quality Policy

ATM Engineering is committed to satisfying Customers and other Stakeholders by providing a product that meets contractual requirements and Customer needs at a fair cost, within the shortest time and according to high standards of safety, while safeguarding the well-being  of the natural environment and of the communities where the work is executed.

To achieve this mission, the General Management has set up a Quality Management System in compliance with ISO 9001: 2008 standard.

This system is configured so as to continually improve its effectiveness at each stage of the work process and to ensure the involvement and professional development of personnel at all levels.

The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the development and implementation of the Quality Management System and for continually improving its overall performance, based on a critical analysis of results. This responsibility is delegated to the Quality Manager, whose authority extends to the Quality Management System development, establishment, maintenance and monitoring.

The Chief Executive Officer urges all members of the Company to share in the effective and efficient achievement of Quality Management objectives and enhance our ability to create value. All management levels are accountable and shall ensure that the objectives and requirements of the System, including statutory an regulatory requirements, are understood and met.


All employees engaged in work under the ATM Engineering name are responsible for developing and delivering a product that fulfils Customer needs and ensures Stakeholder benefits.

ATM Engineering S.r.l

E. Selloni

Chief Executive Officer

March 2010