ATM Engineering S.r.l. was established in February 2006, to provide “Innovative Services“, as an Automation Project Management Consultant (APMC), for Automation, Instrumentation and Telecommunications Projects, primarily targeting the Oil&Gas, Petrochemical, Fine Chemical and Renewable Energy industries. The Company’s founding members had built up a significant amount of relevant experience working in one of the most widely known EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) Contractors in Italy. ATM Engineering is headquartered in Rome.

Its key people are:

- Ulderico Cinque: Founder and CEO. Ulderico has a multidiscipline background, with over 33 years of engineering and management experience in the chemical and engineering services industries.

- Edoardo Selloni: Founder and COO. Edoardo has a HR management background, with over 38 years of experience in the engineering services industry.