For most of industrial Plants, Basic Design is the phase in which a set of basic documents is developed, mainly including Flow Diagrams, Material and Energy Balances, preliminary Pipe and Instrument Flow Diagrams, Equipment Specifications, etc., tailored to the capacity and local conditions of a new Plant. This set of documents is prepared by a Process Licensor, or by a Company having the specific know-how. When available, it is the basis of the Process Design of a Plant.

During this phase, in view of our specific and consolidated experience in the fields of Automation, Telecommunications, Instrumentation, ATM can issue any type of related document, such as:
- general Instrumentation & Automation design specifications;
- instrument indexes;
- main cable routing to local panel;
- one-line electricity distribution diagrams for supplying power to the instruments;
- instrument process diagrams;
- preliminary control room layout;
- DCS functional requirements and basic engineering;
- hierarchy control and architectural block diagram;
- overall Control and Safety system architecture;
- overall telecom system and relevant general specifications.