The Detailed Engineering phase is the Project implementation phase in which a set of deliverables is developed, involving all the applicable technical disciplines (e.g.: civil, mechanical, piping, electrical, instrumentation, automation, telecommunications, etc.), to enable the Site organization to procure the necessary equipment and materials and to carry out the construction and pre-commissioning activities.

ATM can ensure the expertise and resources to deliver a full range of Automation, Instrumentation and Telecommunications services.
By way of example, detailed engineering activities comprise:
- FEED (Front End Engineering Design) documentation review;
- defining the control system architecture;
- preparing the technical specifications for the invitation to tender and the tender evaluation for the instrumentation materials;
- developing the INTools index;
- building the specifications for and integrating the process analyzers;
- defining the instrument interfaces for the Package Unit suppliers;
- identifying and listing subsystems interfaces;
- analysing the noise levels;
- preparing the tender documents for the instrumentation and telecoms monitoring activities;
- issuing the mechanical assembly drawings;
- issuing the FAT and SAT procedures;
- preparing I/O list (including the conventional, smart, FF and soft points);
- developing the Control Room layout and specifications, in accordance with the applicable ergonomic standards;
- building the F&G (Fire&Gas) specifications and identifying the criticalities;
- developing the Plant operating manuals.