The Top Management ATM has taken the strategic decision to implement a Quality Management System, to achieve the targets as follows:

- to reinforce and improve the Company’s overall performance, aimed at enhancing flexibility and speedily responding to market opportunities, employing resources in the best possible manner, motivating and involving the personnel in the Company objectives, and, in particular, achieving continuous improvement;
- to identify, satisfy and possibly exceed Customers’ expectations and ensure their loyalty;
- to be constantly able to create added value for the Company and its Customers.

However, for ATM, Quality is also an objective of excellence, in respect of the more qualifying aspects of its core business, i.e. effectively understanding and promptly responding to the Customers’ needs, identifying the most appropriate control system architecture for any specific situation, selecting the personnel most suited to achieving the project requirements, and, last but not least, implementing the best possible Project Management approach, which is the key characteristic of a Company that is still young, but which can rely on highly experienced resources.

Quality Certification

ATM’s Quality Certification has been applied for and received based on its “Customer Oriented” and “Project Management Centred” approach, and is viewed as a commitment to delivering high-quality services, achieving Customer satisfaction and encouraging ongoing improvement.

The Quality Management System (QMS) Certificate achieved certifies that ATM’s QMS conforms to the QMSs standard ISO 9001: 2008. This certificate is valid for the following products or services for industrial plants and infrastructural facilities: Design, Procurement and Inspection services of Instrumentation, Automation and Telecommunications.


For its certification, ATM has applied to DNV (Det Norske Veritas) due to this body’s extensive experience, knowledge of quality management systems in the same ATM business area, and the high professional level of his personnel, which have the right qualifications to provide the Company with further opportunities for development. Moreover, ATM also shares with DNV its objectives of safeguarding life, property and environment.


ATM on ACCREDIA - Italian National Accreditation Body in compliance with the international standards of the series ISO 17000