At the initial stage of each project, ATM provides a Project Schedule tailored to the specific activities and consistent with the status of the Project.
For example: preliminary scheduling for the conceptual and feasibility phases, detailed scheduling for execution phases, in both cases identifying: the Project Completion Date (target), the Project Milestones, the Critical Path etc.

For each Project, including the Value Added Services (i.e.: Process Control, Automation Upgrading Projects, Telecoms Integration or Process Analyzer Integration, Feasibility Studies, etc.), the activities are carried out by ATM experts, under the supervision of the Project Manager, in close partnership with the Customer, in order to fully take into account the Customer’s activities and needs.

Typical Automation Project Milestones

1. Delivery of materials and documentation.
2. Finalization of the hardware.
3. Acceptance of the system.
4. Completion of installation.
5. Start-up of commissioning.