ATM generally performs Cost Estimates on two different levels: Preliminary Cost Estimates and Detailed Cost Estimates.

Preliminary Cost Estimate
This cost estimate (typical accuracy: ± 30%) is performed during the Basic or Process Design Phase, to assess the expediency of continuing the implementation of the Project.

Detailed Cost Estimate
The detailed cost estimate (typical accuracy: ± 10%) is usually performed at the completion of the Front End Design phase, in support of the Customer’s decision-making process as to whether or not to proceed with the Project. It is also used as a basis of the Project Cost Control activities during the Project’s execution.

For each Project, ATM can provide the Preliminary and Detailed Cost Estimate and the cost management of the entire Project. The first case entails supporting the Customer in respect of the development of the investment; in the second and third cases, regardless of the nature and size of the Project, the Customer is enabled to control costs during the project implementation and construction phase.