Our Business

We offer Integrated Automation, Instrumentation, and Electrical Services ranging from the Natural Gas sector to the Green Industry

What we do

This section of the website is divided into three sections: Sectors, Disciplines, and Services. The Sectors represent the areas where we have worked (references) and where we have experience (competencies). The Disciplines represent the core of our mission, encompassing the fields in which we operate. We also offer a variety of Services.

Reference Sectors

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Oil and Gas

The “Oil and Gas” sector encompasses all activities related to petroleum and gas products, from exploration and drilling (Upstream), transportation to transformation and consumption markets (Midstream), to gas refining and distribution of refined products (Downstream). ATM is capable of providing a wide range of services for this sector – characterized by large-scale industrial complexes consisting of multiple fully integrated production units – covering all aspects of Automation, Instrumentation, and Electrical components.

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Petrochemicals intelligently and sustainably utilize petroleum, employing its derivatives (such as virgin naphtha) as raw materials to obtain essential intermediate products like ethylene and propylene, as well as a wide variety of final products including polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, etc. ATM is capable of providing a wide range of services for this sector – characterized by large-scale industrial complexes consisting of multiple fully integrated production facilities – covering all aspects of Automation, Instrumentation, and Electrical components.

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Fine Chemicals

The Fine Chemicals sector involves the high-tech production of individual pure chemical substances, including the manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients and the formulation of compounds using inert materials, solvents, and excipients for commercial purposes. Among the reference sectors, we include the Pharmaceutical Sector characterized by a high level of specialization and sophisticated know-how. Therefore, ATM’s expertise in Automation, Instrumentation, and Electrical components, especially concerning the integration of analyzers and measurement systems, can be highly beneficial for the development and optimization of these production units.

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Green Industry

A.T.M. is a company specializing in Automation, Instrumentation, and Electrical components, with a strong focus on the application of green technologies, which encompass processes related to sustainable economy and eco-compatibility. The green industry represents a significant resource for ecological transition, such as the production of Green Hydrogen.

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Maximize Safety

To maximize safety, protect personnel, safeguard facilities, and prevent environmental impacts, you can rely on ATM Engineering. Minimizing the consequences of emergency situations, such as hydrocarbon-related fire outbreaks or the failure of essential components, is our guiding principle in providing services for the design and testing of emergency systems.


The intention to maximize the use of current plants and industrial assets is an objective to be achieved. Over time, ATM Engineering has gained experience in managing key elements efficiently: the use of digital technology and automation contributes to increasing the efficiency and productivity of industrial plants. Increasing industrial flexibility and the ability to dynamically and flexibly shift production from one plant to another or change the product mix within a plant is a priority for achieving growth objectives.

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L’intenzione di sfruttare al meglio gli attuali impianti e asset industriali è un obiettivo da conseguire. ATM Engineering nel tempo ha acquisto esperienza gestendo al meglio gli elementi chiave: Utilizzo della tecnologia digitale e dell’automazione contribuiscono ad aumentare l’efficienza e la produttività degli impianti industriali. Incrementare la flessibilità industriale e l’abilità di spostare in modo dinamico e flessibile parte della produzione da uno stabilimento ad un altro o di cambiare il mix di prodotto all’interno di uno stabilimento è una priorità per il raggiungimento degli obiettivi di crescita.

Servizi ATM


From the conceptual phase

  • Definition: Automation strategies
  • Preliminary architecture of the automation system

Feasibility study

  • Cost estimation: +/- 30%

Technical consultancy

  • Customer support in choosing the right technologies

Project management

  • We operate as Project Management in the disciplines of E & I & A

Executive Engineering


  • Completes the process design
  • Prepares the general instrumentation specification
  • Prepares the Instrument Item Index
  • Defines the PCS (Process Control System) and selects the vendor


  • Completes documentation from the previous phase
  • Completes HW & SW engineering of the PCS
  • Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)
  • Execution of assembly drawings (valves and instruments)
  • Preparation of instrument, bulk material, and control valve bidding requests
  • Preparation of bidding requests for tender processes


  • Issuance of requests for material and service quotations
  • Technical evaluation of received quotations
  • Support in commercial evaluation & issuance of purchase order
  • Post-order management
  • Testing
Construction and Commissioning


  • Supervision of electrical installation execution
  • Supervision of instrument assembly
  • Completion of mechanical works for electrical and instrumentation systems
  • Site Acceptance Testing (SAT)


  • Supervision of all pre-commissioning activities
  • Supervision of all commissioning activities
  • Supervision of start-up operations